Thursday 20 January 2022

‘Busiest month yet’ for Driver CPC

January proved to be the busiest month yet for Britain’s Driver CPC training providers with 77,070 students on 10,791 courses recording nearly 553,000 hours: a 42 per cent increase on a quiet December and a 21 per cent rise on January, 2012.

Over 16,500 Driver CPC cards were issued during the month, with just over 1,dcpctruck400 going to newly-qualified vocational licence holders and the remainder to drivers completing their 35 hours of periodic training.

The Driving Standards Agency now has just over 591,000 drivers across the freight and passenger sectors recorded as either holding a card or having taken some training.

Rising demand is being met by rising supply: 23 training centres entered the market in January and 446 new courses were approved. Nationally, there are now 3379 courses on offer at 1327 training centres.

During January, DSA and JAUPT audited 19 centres and 85 courses.

However, a survey by transport industry recruitment agency Milestone Operations conducted last November revealed that eight per cent of drivers asked maintained they would not engage in Driver CPC training, with cost and the intention to leave the industry being the reasons given.

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