Saturday 25 May 2019

Streamline concept reintroduced by Scania as Euro 6 offering expands

13008-005Scania is reintroducing the Streamline concept from the 1990s to brand long-haul versions of its trucks that are optimised for greater fuel economy.

Aerodynamic enhancements to the cab’s front corners and sun visor on the G and R Series trucks are said to improve what Scania claims is already the most streamlined cab in its class on the European market.

It is also enhancing its offering of Euro 6 compliant engines to include two big V8s and an SCR-only 410 hp straight six, as well as the first ‘second generation’ Euro 6 engines rated at 460 and 490 hp.

It has also added a fuel economy programme to its Opticruise two-pedal transmission, and an enhanced GPS-based Active Prediction cruise control, that makes adjustments to road speed and gear selection taking the topography of the road ahead into account.

Together these combine to give an eight per cent fuel consumption saving, Scania claims.

The six-cylinder Euro 6 engine range now consists of three 12.7-litre engines with outputs of 410 hp/2150 Nm, 450 hp/2350 Nm and 490/2550 Nm, with a fourth engine of 370 hp for release later. The SCR-only engine has a fixed-geometry turbo and an electric intake air throttle, and saves some 40 kg on the combined SCR/EGR engines, at the expense of AdBlue consumption doubling from 3 to 6 per cent of the fuel burn.

Scania said its Euro 6 V8 engine would be unique in the market (MAN and Mercedes-Benz have abandoned V-engines for Euro 6). The 16.4-litre V8s are rated at 520hp/2700Nm and 580hp/2950Nm, with a 730 hp version to follow. A water-cooling unit for the engines’ EGR system is carried below the right-hand cylinder bank. Scania claims similar ‘real world’ performance from the 520 Euro 6 as is returned by the 620 Euro 5, thanks to the newer engine’s broader spread of power.

There are now nine Euro 6 Scania engines including those unveiled at last year’s IAA Show, with more to come prior to Euro 6 inception at the year-end.

A unique Recaro driver’s seat with the option of ventilation is optional on all models across the Scania range.

For applications where engines seldom run at full load, Scania recommends that customers consider going for a somewhat lower engine output than for Euro 5. Working the engine a little harder will benefit efficiency, since a high exhaust temperature can be maintained more easily. If the exhaust temperature is getting too low, extra fuel will be burnt to keep the aftertreatment system working properly. Similarly, leaving the engine idling will risk cooling down the aftertreatment system.

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