Sunday 26 May 2019

Tyres blamed for particulate emissions

tyresThe reduction in exhaust emissions from Euro 6 engines will mean that tyres will come into focus as a significant source of particulate pollution from trucks, says a leading engineer.

Speaking at the launch of DAF’s new 10.8-litre, Euro 6 MX-11 engine, Hien Wienaart, of the DAF Engine Test Centre in Eindhoven, said that particulate emissions from the company’s Euro 6 MX engines were now so low that there were exceeded by those from the truck’s tyres.

“The tyres’ wearing surfaces contain a substantial amount of carbon black: soot,” he declared. “These are abraded by the road surface and thrown into the atmosphere. With the particulate filter in the Euro 6 exhaust system, the typical total particulate emissions from the truck are 40 per cent from the exhaust and 60 per cent from the tyres.”

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