Friday 21 September 2018

VOSA issuing Driver CPC fixed penalties

driverwithcardLast year, VOSA issued 45 graduated fixed penalties and undertook three successful prosecutions of drivers who were found to have no evidence of Driver CPC qualification or exemption. The current graduated fixed penalty for a DCPC offence is £30.

VOSA issued 41 of those roadside penalties to truck drivers, with the remaining four to bus and coach drivers. Thirty-eight of the fined drivers were British and classed as ‘new’ drivers, who had passed their vocational driving tests following the inception of the Driver CPC, but who had failed to gain the qualification by passing Modules Two and Four of the test.

In cases that it obviously regarded as more serious, VOSA prosecuted three drivers for Driver CPC offences. These included a driver from Bristol who was fined £173, a driver in Wales who was fined £356 and a driver in London who was fined £516. The employer of the Bristol driver was fined £989. V

OSA has also confirmed that Driver CPC-related graduated fixed penalties will result in 25 points being added to the operator’s compliance risk score (OCRS). If a driver is prosecuted, the points increase to 50. In incidents where the operator is prosecuted, they will receive 100 points plus an additional 500 points and a red-rated OCRS.

Employers should be aware that recently-qualified vocational drivers will need to hold a Driver CPC before they can drive commercially. That qualification can only be acquired by passing modules two and four of the relevant driving test, after which the Driver CPC card will be issued. Also, newly-qualified drivers can only commence periodic training when they are in possession of a Driver CPC card.


  1. Wayne bramall says:

    The cpc is just a big money making scheme with no credibility at all how can it when you can sit the same module 5 times what exactly does that teach any one then to have to do the same within the next 5 years absolutely pointless. Can anyone give me a explanation as to how the above achieves anything .

    • mark c says:

      At the training centre where I work, amongst many lgv related course’s that are conducted including the Operator CPC four times a year. The course is updated by the governing body. OCR each time and our ccpc courses also amended as required.
      If you read many of the commercial motor magazines or even go onto DVSA website to see how many transport managers being sent on (OLAT operator licence awareness training )course to refresh their skills then as a drivers you also need your skills to be updated.regularly

      P’s I’ve been driving ce vehicles for over 22 years and a DSA LGV Instructor for 12 years

      • David Gale says:

        I’ve been an HGV driver for over 30 years, I must have done over 10 million miles here and on the continent without an accident , I have had a clean licence since I was 17 I am now 60 and I have had enough of the eu destroying our way of life I’m not going to do this CPC stealth tax and when the public complains that there is nothing in the shops because there are no HGV drivers any more then they might give us a living wage

        • Dave Carke says:

          After reading your comment on “just another stealth tax” I couldn’t agree more. The 5 day course my employer booked me on & forgot to tell me about. When I discovered what had happened my manager refused to re book the course because he would of had to pay again. After phoning and explaining why I didn’t turn up for her cpcp course. She said ” Through no fault of hers and there wasn’t anything she could do”. So I would have to pay out of my own pocket to go on the same cpcp course. What choice did I have, So I paid. (OUCH..!!!) After my first day on the course I explained to the tutor who I was and just for the record how harshly I had been treated by both her and my boss. She told me how bad she felt & maybe she could of been a little more sympathetic. Then she went on to the price of the course and how she will do her best to amend things. Then she asked if I had all the money for the course with me. “Yes” I replied. Pay me for the week & you won’t need to come again to finish the course. After paying her I didn’t go back to complete the course and I got my cpcp card through the post a few days later. This is just another way to extract more money out of the British workforce……

          THERE IS NO NEED
          THERE AS BEEN NO

    • Marc belanetti says:

      Yes wayne, I agree with everything you said, money making scheme for government who do not care
      Less about hard working people. I’ve been driving 7.5 tonne truck since 1982 and have a lot of experience of how to drive safely. Also the cost of a CPC course. just when it came to law the price was just over £100, now just checked and found cheapest price of over £ for people who do the course and can’t be bothered if you fall asleep through the course, and you can do the same section
      If you want with no test.I’m about to take action to the way this is done and need all the support I can
      To take this matter further. Would like to speak to others in the same situation Many thanks

      • John Wilson says:

        Good luck Mark. I agree with you all completely. This course is a total waste of time, it has nothing to do with driving a truck safely, and the payment is little more than a tax on lorry drivers. It’s criminal extortion by government thugs.

  2. Stuart Green says:

    They should roll out similar vocational courses to Bankers, Politicians and all grades of council employees.

  3. Mark Lilley says:

    The whole driver CPS scheme is a revenue grabbing rip off.

    Drivers that have held licences for over 20 years and sit in a class room to listen to someone thats never driven a commercial vehicle in his life tell him how to do the job.

    If you need proof its a rip off the very fact theres no test at the end is proof enough. Nasically you can sit and sleep through the whole classes because you wont get tested.

    Someone prove to me this is not only a financial rip off but also the very fact youve supposedly managed to stay awake through these classes (teaching you what you already know … is right and also whsts wrong) leaves you even more open and vulnerable to be prosecuted by overzealous DVSA (OR DiV’s as they will be known) officers.

    The whole scheme is purely set up to screw the little guy further into the ground.

  4. Greg says:

    What a money making scamming excuse for a transport industry body. these are my reasons tax the fuel tax the truck tax the earnings make being a driver more expensive cpc being a joke ,medicals, digi taco card, and when all complied with you got to know more law than a high court judge pay more hiked prices for tests, have to run euro 5 emmissions for london so new trucks and all we get is a recording on a phone or do most jobs on the internet ourselves as moneys tight for yourselves apparently. Somebodys earning in a big way in this country and being greedy its not the drivers or operators can you guess who because I can.

  5. tom clark says:

    Just another tax on us drivers.cpc licence renewals medicals anyway they can to screw us for more money.when and where will it all end

  6. Eddie honeysett says:

    Been driving class one for 26 years now all over uk and Eastern block done me weeks course sat in a class room listening to a jumped up tutor spouting his nonsense all directed at cyclist and how to be more aware of them I lost a weeks pay to be taught absolute nothing by a bloke who’s arse has never touched an artics seat

  7. Andy says:

    Ok here goes, yes I train driver CPC. Yes I hold a C&E, I’ve been there and done it. I also hold a management CPC in international freight transport.

    I agree with several comments but when you hear some stories and lack of knowledge out there it’s scary. I simply see it as 5 days training with me can prevent drivers picking fines. The fines will be more than the course costs.

    • Darren says:

      It’s the drivers who recieve severe infringements who should sit the CPC course, if they we’re professional at what the did the wouldn’t infringe. Drivers with 20+yrs should recieve grandfather rights like they did with the licence years ago.

  8. marc says:

    Sounds like a load of b*****ks …glad I ditched that place

  9. emmerson says:

    good comments but if lorry drivers have to do this ?why do car driver,s not have too?

  10. Kerching£££££££ says:

    Jaupt could not tell me on the phone what courses were available , said they only administer the licences to anyone who wants to become a trainer for £
    They could not tell me the cost of the courses when i asked which was the cheapest, or if there were any subsidised, or free ones for those who were independent and had to pay for their own training.

    My existing first aid , Nebosh NCC in H&S and my managers cpc all do not count as they were taken with training bodies who are not paying subscribers of JAUPT . Even their name is as meaningless as their courses.
    Im sure there must be a phoney trainer who will tick the box to say i attended for cash , or maybe i will set up as a training body and sign my own as its probably an easier way to earn a living.
    I am not going to bother doing my driver cpc , its just a stealth tax scam .
    Jaupt , stupid by name stupid by nature

  11. Skinz says:

    Some agencies in Yorkshire are offering free CPC courses for drivers in an effort to increase their driver database. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll come with handcuff penalties to tie you in with the agency.

    Rumour has it that, the government is actually willing to pay (although it won’t admit to it of course) to get drivers through this farce. Despite the French, Spanish drivers and their respective governments delaying this for another two years and the Germans simply refusing to do it all, we’re still hell bent on carrying on. If you explain the CPC to anyone unconnected to the haulage industry, in clear and straightforward terms what’s happening, they all say ‘what’s the point in that?’

    All they had to do is have a pass mark of 80% and the whole thing would have had some meaning.

    I’ve just completed my first 7 hours and received my certificate. I slept through half of it and surfed the net on my phone for the other half.

    The whole thing sucks of mismanagement, inability and greed. I weep for the future.

  12. Tony Edwards. says:

    I agree.This cpc is a big rip off.Imagine you need it to drive a 7.5T vehicle.Big up Germany cos they ain,t doing it.There is going to be a serious shortage of drivers.Good luck to them.

  13. mel says:

    just done my 5 mods cpc is nothing but a rip off can sit 5 off the same course what s–t

  14. Penders says:

    Shame on you Britain !
    No logic,reason,or common sense.
    You insult the professional driver.
    No matter how you want to equate the CPC
    you end up with the same result….Theft !
    30 years driving for German/Spanish and British Companies.
    Fluent in 5 languages and now you ‘Shoe horn’ me into a classroom and put a monkey in front of me.

    Me.”Excuse me monkey what do I do”?
    Monkey.”Sit and listen”
    Me. “Then what”
    Monkey. “Then you are a qualified driver with a CPC”.
    Me. Cool, “have you ever driven a truck” ?
    Monkey..”Don’t be silly, I’m a monkey”!

  15. Europa driver says:

    Vosa cash scam just want more cash pick on drivers trying to earn a living m6 vosa guys get your self a mask you get 5 years for arm robbery these guys get away with it

  16. John retter says:

    It’s a rip for ukip,,vosa are down in there prosecutions..easy money GET..THE..TRUCKER,,,32years been driving they are killing the industry

  17. Dave says:

    Disgraceful way of making money out the working class people, I ain’t doing it f*** vosa & the ***** in brussels

  18. stan says:

    I’m a new driver and just went through CPC periodic training. I cannot disagree with what you all say against the system but let me tell you this. There were guys with me on that course who were drivers for over 20 years. And when the lecturer did a quiz on us I was shocked how little did they know. They did not define correctly the road signs, they made so many mistakes during the quiz… you just would not believe.
    what is the resolution? i don’t know

  19. Ross Leigh says:

    It would be a more credible course if it was over 2 days maximum, and a test at the end. All relevant information likes of highway code,health and safety awareness . All it did for me was inform me of what act I shall be screwed under should I find myself wound up in court for being a naughty boy. Done under RTA, F**** d over for not complying with RIDDOR,Shafted sideways by PUWER.

    Hell,why did they omit this from the brochure when I looked into getting my hgv 15 years ago?

    Ah well, I am now the proud owner of a glorified disclaimer card, so now I can drive professionally. Can I ask for my professional pay rate now?

  20. Robert says:

    I have been driving 20 years, I am a NEBOSH and ROSPA qualified H&S trainer and also a DVSA instructor for LGV’s. If it had been done properly then the DCPC would have been a good thing. especially for drivers who have been in the business for a long time. It would keep you up to date with legislation and with the right course, update your core driving skills (and trust me, its usually the more experienced drivers who need this!!)
    But it has been a shambles, same course, attendance only and scheming ‘driver trainers’ who will take your money and stamp your card for you have made a mockery of the whole thing. If there was decent courses (for example, if more drivers done an English course, this thread may have been easier to read!!) SAFED, circle/walk round checks, legislation etc. and it was tested at the end, it may have been a bit better.
    Don’t knock learning new things folks, education can be a wonderful tool!!
    In short, I agree with driver training and periodic training, to think you don’t need it or know it all, well, that’s called arrogance! but the DCPC has been done wrong, it doesn’t need abolished, it needs fixed!!

  21. Denzal says:

    Well ten years on buses, and thirty three on trucks, the wages have stood still, the hours have doubled, no please or thankyou , some young upstart in office know,s everything been everywhere only because the computer tells him, ACTUALLY KNOWS F–K ALL, jumps in Vauxhall corsa (Y REG) at five oclock to the pub while we are still going and possibly looking for a layby at seven oclock at night because our fifteen hrs are up. In with the digi card at 4 am wait 10 mins and away again, first phone call of the day; did you not make it last night only customer as been on phone. (answer ) should be there in 30 mins, (reply) ok then phone goes dead. They know where you are because of tracker but they phone just to show authority. ” tipp” when boiling kettle always boil it on passenger floor space pointing spout to dashpanel, eventually steam f–ks tacker inside, Before you are tipped you receive a text with name and postcode for return load, you follow post code on sat-nav and cant find company then find they have given wrong post code (no apology) You put up with this all week, constant mistakes, you are ten minutes from yard on a Friday night looking forward to going home and then YES another phonecall, sorry mate your truck is up for inspection can you take to Merc,s, so you turn round and go back 20miles to dealer and hope and prey somebody picks you up. This is the way you are spoken to and treated and i would not recommend the job to anyone. Not all in this industry are the same, you could become a robot and drive for a large supermarket; and do the same rota week in week out and have no friends. The camerady as gone, the respect as gone,the mannerism as gone, please and thankyou from management wouldn’t go a miss. For all those thinking of waisting £2,500 + think again. Having done this job for several years I can say two things (1) I payed my mortgage off early, (2) my health as gone down hill. Driving abroad is a great deal better, you are respected, treated better, NO greedy english capitalist looking for is next million. Almost a year to go and I am thinking of surrending both license,s through ill health . Rgds

  22. Just a way of ripping off drivers, that don’t get payed enough to start with, as its all just common sense. Driving with a licence including cpc should pay a minimum of £12.00 p.h.

  23. Roger says:

    All drivers across the uk should block road to show we will not take this lying down taking us for mugs just scamming money out of us if every body sticks together we stand a good chance

  24. Terry says:

    Just the fact you can do the same 2 modules. 5 days running , therefore missing 8 other modules makes this CPC a complete farce .
    I am amazed we put up with it ,, I’m still driving at 70 because I need the money, but ill get a job collectng supermarket trolleys before do another CPC ( probably earn more and get more respect)

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