Thursday 20 January 2022

Relaunched TruckPol to tackle freight theft

truckpolRoad freight crime-fighting partnership TruckPol is to restart, thanks to sponsorship and support from the not-for-profit National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) initiative.

TruckPol, a partnership between the freight industry and police forces nationwide, closed in March 2012 after the withdrawal of Home Office funding. NBCS is to launch a freight and logistics crime desk which will be tasked to working with local constabularies to help UK businesses tackle freight and logistics crime, and identify key hot spots and criminal trends through centralised and collective data sharing.

Catherine Bowen, policy and stakeholder director at NBCS, said: “We are delighted to be relaunching TruckPol. However, the success of TruckPol is dependent on having a regular and consistent flow of crime data from both the police and industry. That’s why we have contacted each chief constable announcing the relaunch of TruckPol and requesting their support through the regular supply of freight crime data.

“By working with TruckPol, we can continue to build a comprehensive source of criminal data and by encouraging participation by local constabularies we can regularly report on current trends and issues to both the police and its industry partners.”

DCC Sue Fish, Nottinghamshire Police and National Policing Lead for Business Crime Reduction, added: “We speak of collaboration not isolation. The National Business Crime Solution relaunch of TruckPol is welcomed as it adds the vehicle crime dimension that we need to provide the whole intelligence picture necessary to address business crime.

“The fact that the business community are willing to support the reintroduction of TruckPol financially with a clear desire that it is run by the NBCS is testament to the developing momentum that the public-private intelligence partnership is having on addressing business crime in all its forms.”

The NBCS is underpinned by a live information and intelligence-sharing platform, which is used by a number of UK retailers and businesses for crime data sharing. Registered users can submit their business crime data into the system and this information is then collated, analysed and disseminated to other participating business members locally, regionally, nationally or by sector.

There have already been many instances where the NBCS has helped the UK business community identify and prosecute prolific cross-border offenders. In one recent case, intervention by the NBCS led to several arrests of cross-border criminals, plus property worth £200,000 being recovered.

The TruckPol partnership will enable the NBCS to provide analysis and research services specific to freight and logistics crime data and issue timely alerts, bulletins and reports highlighting ‘live time’ incidents, hotspots and crime trends.

Mike Marshall, security director at parcel carrier Yodel, said: “By syndicating data around logistics crime we can better protect ourselves, gain traction from the police to investigate effectively what is in many cases organised crime groups operating across many forces. Yodel believe in working together both with partners and the authorities to reduce crime in the logistics industry and as such fully support the National Business Crime Solution.”

Alerts will also be disseminated to the industry and law-enforcement agencies to increase their awareness of criminal and other suspicious activities.

CC Suzette Davenport of Gloucestershire Police, national lead for roads policing in England and Wales, said: “Many criminals use the road network to commit their crimes. The intelligent and proactive use of roads policing resources can disrupt criminal groups and deny them free use of the roads helping to prevent and detect crime and keep communities safe.

“The use of the strategic road network is integral to the commission of serious organised crime and freight crime alone costs the UK economy an estimated £1 billion annually.”

Chrys Rampley, of the Road Haulage Association, added: “The RHA has been a leading supporter of TruckPol since its inception and, as we stressed to the parliamentary transport committee in 2012, we believe it was an essential focal point and needed to be maintained for the collection and sharing of information on crime against the haulage industry and how it can be best combated.

“Since the closure of TruckPol in 2012, the industry has received little or no intelligence on freight and haulage crime trends or hotspots. We are excited to get TruckPol back up and running to strengthen the fight against freight and business crime.

“The RHA will be working alongside the NBCS and the police service. As part of that, we are launching our own online, easy-to-use reporting service for members. Information which will go directly to TruckPol and assist with the fighting of crime.”

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