Saturday 25 May 2019

Grafter goes green and lean

Isuzu Truck UK has revamped its 3.5-tonne offering, with the Grafter Green: a chassis-cab truck with twin or single-wheel drive-axle, and a new down-sized engine that features unusual lean-NOx trap (LNT) emissions control technology.

The new Isuzu RZ4E 1898cc four-cylinder Euro 6 diesel engine requires no AdBlue. Improved power and torque is 120 hp (90kW) at 3,200rpm and 320Nm at 1,600-2,000rpm respectively.

Isuzu’s new engine is more fuel-efficient thanks to its more modern design and reduced displacement. The RZ4E uses hydraulic zero-lash valve gear, has a new rear timing-chain drive arrangement, Bosch engine management systems, a generator drive with an integral one way clutch and an automatic drive belt adjustment and tensioner.

LNT emissions control depends upon a catalyst-type ‘can’ in the exhaust system to trap NOx molecules when the engine is running in ‘lean’ condition. When the trap is full, extra fuel is injected to burn the trapped NOx.

There’s a new six-speed MCV6W manual gearbox with easier gear selection. Driveability is much improved as the gear shift is lighter and more precise for all ratios. The clutch pedal feel is also improved and lightened, making it a more car-like drive.

Noise reduction is a key feature of the new Grafter Green range, with both stationary and driving sound levels being significantly lower than its predecessor. Moving sound levels of the N35.125 have now dropped to under 70dB from 74.5dB.

Welcome improvements have been made in ride and handling by the adoption of a new front suspension and steering system, with a mechanically-suspended driver’s seat as standard.

Despite the addition of new technology and various design changes within the cab covering both the interior trim and seating, one of the significant key features of the new Grafter Green range is reduced weight. Weighing in at just 1,710kg, the Grafter Green single rear-wheel SWB chassis cab is 152 kg lighter than its predecessor, while the twin rear-wheel LWB Grafter Green is 150 kgs lighter than the older model.

Isuzu Truck (UK) chairman Pete Murphy said: “The changes and improvements will provide operators with a truck that is both hard-working and versatile and that can take any type of job in its stride. We believe that with our new Grafter Green, Isuzu Truck will continue to be the major supplier of forward-control 3.5-tonners to the UK commercial vehicle market for many years to come.”

Grafter Green is also available with ready-fitted dropside and tipper bodywork.

The company continues to offer the Grafter Blue, with a wide ‘hexapod’ cab, three-litre 150 hp (110 kW) SCR engine and twin-wheel rear axle.

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