Tuesday 16 July 2019

Volvo steers a safer course

Volvo Trucks is adding new features to its Dynamic Steering system: Stability Control and Lane Keeping Assist.

The features are fruits of Volvo’s unique accident research programme, which investigates real-life road crashes involving Volvo trucks and seeks technical solutions to prevent their recurrence.

Lane Keeping Assist functions when the truck reaches a speed of 55 km/h and the vehicle camera can fully monitor road lane markings. When engaged, if the system senses the truck is deviating from the chosen lane, it turns the steering wheel slightly in the appropriate direction and notifies the driver with a vibration in the steering wheel.

Stability Assist can identify potential skids and rectify the situation “before you’ve even noticed that something is about to happen,” claimed Carl Johan Almqvist, traffic and product safety director at Volvo Trucks.

It does this by steering gently into the skid, just as a skilled driver would do, but with the crucial difference that it is more sensitive than even the most attentive driver.

In addition to these features, Volvo Trucks is introducing driver-adjustable steering resistance in trucks equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering.

“Each driver has a different perception of how light or heavy the steering system should be,” Almqvist said. “Now, every driver can adjust the steering wheel resistance exactly as he or she wants. This is a very practical feature, not least for trucks that often have different drivers.”

These three features are included as standard in the high-spec limited edition Volvo FH and FH 16 models, which the Swedish manufacturer is producing to mark 25 years since the launch of the first FH in 1993. The 25 Year Special Edition models are finished in exclusive liveries and feature unique interior trims, graphics and colour schemes.

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