Sunday 26 May 2019

RAM Tracking adds value for Rilmac Group

Specialist subcontractor Rilmac Group has reported cost and efficiency gains as a result of opting for a vehicle tracking solution from RAM Tracking.

Founded in 1957, Rilmac Group is a family-run business that provides asbestos removal services, industrial insulation, metal fabrication and scaffolding and access solutions to a wide range of sectors nationwide.

Three generations later, the Rilmac Group of Companies now employs around 280 people and has a turnover fast approaching £19 million – a far cry from the humble beginnings of three men and a van in 1957.

The group’s large, continuously expanding fleet of vehicles are dispatched up and down the country at all times of the day, and it required the installation of a system that would allow maximum visibility of vehicles’ location at all times.

After some research in the vehicle tracking market, the company identified RAM Tracking, citing an easy-to-use system and value for money as standout features.

Steve Scawthorn, fleet manager at Rilmac Group, said, “Whilst there are other tracker providers in the market, the user friendliness of this system makes it a good value product that suits what we do.”

Another feature of RAM Tracking that stood out for Rilmac was that the RAM Tracking service could be accessed anywhere at any time via the smartphone app, allowing the company’s staff to respond faster to last-minute or emergency jobs, even when they are out of the office – thereby maximising flexibility and increasing efficiency.

Every manager at Rilmac has the app on their smartphones and “all agree that it is both user-friendly and useful”.

At Rilmac Group, safety in the workplace is paramount, with a ‘think safety – work safely’ motto embedded throughout the company – from in the office, to on-site and on the road.

RAM Tracking’s vehicle trackers help instil this motto, says the firm, as the trackers monitor driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh brakes, swerves and accelerations. The system also produces a report that accurately shows the hours a driver has been driving, thereby ensuring drivers are taking the appropriate breaks and not driving longer than is legally allowed in a day, and minimising the risk of dangerous driving habits within the workforce.

An easy-to-use user interface allows its users to track all vehicles nationwide, adds the company, so that, within seconds, fleet managers are able to search and locate any vehicle in their fleet.

This has proved hugely advantageous for Rilmac as it can help ensure that drivers are arriving on time to customer locations and allow teams to be more easily dispatched to last-minute nearby jobs, decreasing the likelihood of delays and unhappy customers.

Concluded Steve Scawthorn of Rilmac: “One of the best features of RAM Tracking is the automated reporting feature. This allow us to generate automatic and insightful reports about our vehicle use and allows us to replay routes in a matter of seconds. The automated reporting feature alone has saved us business hours and money that would’ve been spent trying to create this data manually.”

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