Tuesday 16 July 2019

Gas trucks spared German motorway tolls

Gas-powered trucks of over 7.5 tonnes GVW will no longer have to pay motorway tolls in Germany from the start of next year.

The suspension of tolls for trucks running on CNG and LNG is for an initial period of two years. Given Germany’s position as a major transit country, the initiative is expected to have an impact on the uptake of gas-powered trucks among international operators across Europe.

Iveco recently completed what is believed to be the longest continuous journey undertaken by a heavy truck on a single fill of gas. A Stralis NP 4×2 tractor pulling a tri-axle box van trailer and running at a gross weight of 30 tonnes completed the 1,728km two-and-a-half day road journey from London to Madrid without needing to refuel – exceeding the vehicle’s official range of 1,600km on LNG to set a new distance record.

In terms of fuel cost, the journey was £200 cheaper than if it had been undertaken by a conventional diesel truck. The Stralis’ engine does not use AdBlue.

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