Sunday 19 January 2020

Telematics: an essential part of the MiX

Jonathan Bates, marketing director for MiX Telematics (Europe), explains how operators are benefiting from its consultancy services, and introduces the MiX Vision dual-facing safety camera system

Telematics is today an established part of the transport operator’s armoury, and is in daily use throughout the industry.

While some operators are left alone to manage their investment in telematics, we at MiX Telematics regard the supply of a telematics solution as the beginning of a collaborative journey dedicated to maximising our customers’ return on investment over the long term.

To achieve this, MiX Telematics provides an ongoing consultancy service where our team of in-house industry specialists works in close conjunction with our customers to develop, deliver and enact bespoke programmes to enhance efficiency and safety in operation.

While telematics can be used in a multitude of ways, ranging from basic track and trace to the monitoring and control of a wide variety of onboard equipment, driver performance and fuel savings are naturally key areas of interest for the majority of fleet managers.

Driver-data is presented to these managers in the form of an easy-to-interpret ‘RAGs’ (red-amber-green) report, which shows at a glance those drivers requiring the most support.  Our consultants can then drill down further into the detail to provide additional information on the particular training any given driver requires.

Thereafter, the consultants work with the operator to build driver development programmes to drive improvement.  Once implemented, regular driver clinics are held on an ongoing basis, both to maintain the improvement and set new targets to further raise standards over the long term.

Drivers can also access their own data at any time via a smartphone app called MyMiX, which allows them to see their own performance and compare it to that of their colleagues.

In addition to presenting information in an easily digestible form, the key advantage of MyMix is that drivers are free to view their data in their own way and in their own time, which avoids unnecessary confrontation, pressure and stress.

MiX Vision

With safety always a high priority for transport operators, MiX Telematics has introduced an innovative solution known as MiX Vision. Aimed primarily at commercial vehicles although equally suitable for passenger cars, MiX Vision is a dual road-facing and driver-facing video image recording system.

Located within the vehicle, and configurable to be triggered by a wide range of events, MiX Vision simultaneously captures high quality images of the road ahead and inside the driving compartment.  To facilitate night time recordings, the driver-facing camera records infra-red light.

The system also includes a microphone, thereby enabling sound on all captures. As such, MiX Vision provides a comprehensive and unique record of conditions in front of and inside the vehicle should any incidents occur.

Whenever an event is triggered, the eight seconds of video prior to the event and seven seconds after it are uploaded MiX Telematics’ secure portal, from where they can be accessed by operators 24/7.

To reduce download times and save on data transfer costs, operators can access low-resolution videos on demand, with high resolution clips available on request.

The system is also able to provide 2.5-minute-long high resolution tachograph data from any time within the previous 72 hours of a vehicle’s operation.

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