Friday 5 June 2020

New axles bring flexibility to DAF’s rigid range

Paccar subsidiary DAF has expanded its rigid truck range with new axle options.

British interest will be centred upon the SR1132T, a 19-tonne tandem-drive bogie with single-reduction, leaf-spring suspension and disc or drum brakes. This is ideally suited for payload-sensitive applications such as lightweight 6×4 and 8×4 concrete mixers.

For heavier applications, there are 21 and 26 tonne variants of the SR1360T single-reduction tandem which is equipped with disc brakes and air suspension. This is offered on three and four-axle tractor and rigid chassis.

In addition, there is the hub-reduction HR1670T rated at 21 or 26-tonnes, which can be equipped with air or leaf-spring suspension and features drum brakes. This is not only ideal for heavy haulage, but also lends itself to harsh off-road applications.

At least 10 different drive ratios are available for each axle set, enabling operators to choose the best compromise between low-speed performance and highway fuel-economy.

These new axles have been used to produce a variety of chassis options.

CF and XF trucks will be offered in FAW form: an 8×4 chassis with a tridem rear bogie consisting of the SR1360T tandem with single reduction or the HR1670T tandem with hub reduction, and a steered rearmost axle.

The FAW has a technical GVW of 37 tonnes and, thanks to the steered trailing axle, a turning circle of just 7.8 metres. It is suitable for roles including tipper, concrete mixer, rear loading-crane and hook-lift systems.

There’s a new heavy-haulage tractor, the FTM, available with the large XF cab only. FTM is an 8×4 tractor with double-drive SR1360T or HR1670T tandem and steered pusher axle, which together form a tridem, and can handle combination weights of up to 120 tonnes.

The XF cab is also now available on the FAX chassis, which previously could only be supplied with the smaller CF cab. FAX is an 8×2 with twin-steer front axles, a single drive axle and a steered, undriven 7.5-tonne rear axle. It is suited for operations where a tight turning-circle is more important than off-road traction.

DAF claims market leadership of the European tractor market, and the manufacturer anticipates a greater share of the rigid market thanks to the new chassis and axle options.

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