Friday 5 June 2020

Alliance Transport Technologies launches fire suppression division

Bus and coach aftermarket solutions supplier Alliance Transport Technologies has launched a new division dedicated to offering fire suppression equipment.

Alliance Fire Suppression will offer customers within the bus and coach industry the latest technology specifically developed by Alliance, alongside expert advice and support for those looking to upgrade the fire detection and knock-down systems on their vehicles.

As part of the launch of the new division, Alliance Transport Technologies has introduced a new fire suppression system for buses and coaches, which it says is not only smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than competitor systems, but also fully compliant with the new UNECE R107 regulations.

The new automated system utilises pneumatically-operated fire suppression technology to knock-down a fire in less than six-seconds.

Using a dry powder rather than a foam or mist, the system is said to offer significantly better coverage and fire knock-down, performing more than 40 per cent better than single agent foam/mist technology.

The tubing used as part of the system is strategically positioned in numerous fire risk areas in a vehicle’s engine bay, to ensure fast and effective suffocation should a fire occur.

Speaking about the new technology, Marc Haley, director at Alliance Transport Technologies, said: “The launch of the new division arose after identifying a requirement within the marketplace for more cost-effective fire suppression solutions that adhere to the recently introduced UNECE R107 legislation.

“We wanted to develop a new fire suppression system that guarantees the fast, efficient protection of passengers on a bus or coach in the event of a fire. Our new system doesn’t rely on any electrical input, which means it provides 24/7 fire protection. When pressure is lost within the system due to a fire, it is activated in under six seconds – the fastest reaction time on the market.

“I’d encourage operators to get in touch to find out more about how the new system can be fitted to their fleet.”

Alliance Transport Technologies’ new fire suppression system has been developed in partnership with Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd, a leading manufacturer of automatic fire suppression systems.

Readers can find out more about Alliance Fire Suppression, browse the full range of fire suppression equipment and download associated e-catalogues, at the Alliance Transport Technologies website.

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