Friday 26 February 2021

Cadent wins emissions award for power retrofit

A partnership between technology company Clayton Power UK and one the UK’s leading gas distributors has been recognised at a national industry award for its innovative approach to tackling vehicle emissions.

Working with Clayton Power UK and vehicle conversion specialist Bri-Stor Systems has allowed national gas distributor Cadent to retrofit 80 vehicles within its ‘Operate and Maintain’ fleet with lithium battery power systems.

The partnership was recognised last month at the Gas Industry Awards 2019, with the trio scooping the Innovation Award for its emission cutting results.

The upgrade is said to have drastically cut the otherwise unavoidable carbon emissions produced by the vehicle fleet and removable diesel generators during its daily role in maintaining gas installations and apparatus on the company’s 132,000-kilometre gas pipe networks across the UK.

Before the partnership, Cadent’s engineers had to leave their diesel vehicle engines running or use diesel generators, when parked, to power the maintenance tools on board.

With the battery on board, which harnesses the otherwise wasted power generated by the vehicle’s alternator to fully charge while the van is being driven, engineers are now able to turn off their engines and use a sustainable power source for their tools.

Cadent’s fleet operations manager Ian Walker said: “The beauty of this technology is that it provides the mobile source of electricity our engineers need to run their power tools but without the noise, vehicle fumes and carbon emissions that come from generating power the traditional way from our vans’ diesel engines or a diesel generator.”

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