Thursday 4 June 2020

Tackling fuel costs with Fuel Card Services

Fuel Card Services (FCS) provides commercial vehicle fleets with a variety of ways to help control their fuel spend, including via its fuel card and telematics offerings.

As one of the largest independent agents, the company works with all major fuel brands, including Allstar, Diesel Direct, Esso, Shell, Scania, Texaco, UK Fuels and BP – and says it can help fleets keep fuel costs under control by helping them find the right card for their specific needs.

The company says its 58,500 customer organisations, of all sizes and types, are drawn from every area of industry, commerce and the public sector. Collectively, their customers refuel with almost four million litres of diesel and petrol every working day, and enjoy savings of up to 5p per litre at the pumps, and up to 10p per litre on motorways.

“FCS never impose transaction charges on their fixed price fuel cards and customers are welcome to a free, no-obligation weekly price check to see how much they could save,” said the firm.

It also advocates combating high fuel costs through the use of telematics.

“Fleet managers today are dealing with such an overload of work when overseeing vehicles – from monitoring and maintaining to leasing and compliance – that it’s easy to overlook the people who drive them,” said FCS.

“But poor driver behaviour impacts fuel bills more than vehicle inefficiencies. And the larger your fleet, the more costly this oversight becomes…

“Together, fuel cards and telematics offer the quickest route to tackling rising prices at the pumps, and driving down the amount your business spends.”

Suitable for all vehicles, the Tele-Gence system is said to deliver smart, affordable telematics via an intuitive and alert-driven system – offering in-depth analytics reporting in terms of driver behaviour, fuel fraud, and vehicle tracking, while reducing the risk of accidents. Significant MPG and productivity gains can be made, says FCS; and further highlighted advantages include no hidden start-term fees, or requirement for long-term commitment.

“Its user-friendly services are customisable with bespoke options scalable to specific needs, with frictionless access from the Cloud, and support from a UK-based team,” said the firm.

“And unlike most other telematic solutions, Tele-Gence integrates with your fuel cards to maximise your savings and improve insights into MPG.”

Tele-Gence is part of a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions from FCS called MyFleetHub.

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