Friday 7 August 2020

Welwyn launches new tarpaulin welding solutions

Welwyn Tool Group has unveiled the latest addition to its range of Leister welding equipment, which it says is ideal for welding truck tarpaulins.

The new Uniplan 300 and Uniplan 500 automatic welders from Leister are suitable for overlap, hem, and pipe welding, either on a table or on the ground. With both Uniplan welders, users can switch from overlap welding to hem or pipe welding in one easy step, enabling more versatility and productivity.

“Both the Uniplan 300 and 500 come equipped with a mechanism for lifting the material to be welded, eliminating the need to manually fold and lift the material before welding,” said Welwyn Tool Group.

In addition to truck tarpaulin applications, the welders are also suitable for use on advertising banners and tents.

“This practical lifting device also helps to protect you from potential burns from the hot-air blower. The hot-air blower on the Uniplan 500 is brushless and low-maintenance, and with its powerful blower motor, it achieves a higher welding capacity of 18,000 rpm. The Uniplan 300’s hot-air blower welding capacity is 12,500 rpm.”

An innovative feature of both Uniplan models, says the firm, is the semi-automatic swivelling capability of the nozzle, which makes welding safer and simpler for experienced and novice users alike.

“This easy-to-use feature increases process reliability during welding; the operator simply pulls down on the lever at the back of the automatic welder and the nozzle slides between the material in one smooth motion,” said Welwyn.

“The adjustable swivel castor wheel of the Uniplan 300 and Uniplan 500 can easily be moved by hand to avoid annoying obstacles such as grommets, rivets or tensioning hooks.

“The Uniplan 300 and 500 are electronically controlled, allowing you to set your temperature and speed parameters via one digital display. No special knowledge is required because you are guided intuitively through the settings. If you choose the Uniplan 500, you can save material-specific parameters and easily retrieve them for similar jobs.

“Both Uniplan models weld at speeds up to 16 meters (52 feet) per minute, enabling you to weld twice as fast as previous Uniplan E and S models.”

Welwyn Tool Group supplies the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment, as well as technical support from a team of dedicated engineers. Further technical advice and information is available by contacting Welwyn via the website.

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