Thursday 26 November 2020

Aid for AdBlue handling from Laser Tools

Workshop equipment provider Laser Tools offers a variety of products to assist technicians with the handling of AdBlue.

These include the Laser 7143 digital flow meter, specifically designed to be fitted to AdBlue dispensing pumps, like the Laser Tools 7115 mobile AdBlue tank.

“With an easy-to-read digital display, the flow meter provides accurate measurement of the amount of AdBlue dispensed, keeping stock systems accurate and allowing easy invoicing to the customer,” said Laser Tools.

The firm describes the meter as a must-have for busy vehicle workshops that regularly dispense AdBlue. It measures flow rates between 10 – 90 litres per minute; the thread size is a standard 1″ BSP and the flow rate accuracy is +/- 0.5 per cent.

Also available is a purpose-designed electric pump for AdBlue (part number 7229), designed to fit 205-litre (44-gallon) drums where the access hole is larger than 55mm in diameter.  The drum fitting is the standard 2″ BSP.

“The pump is a compact unit of lightweight but very robust construction,” said Laser Tools.

“It is dual power — mains or 12 volt — and features a powerful flow rate of 19 litres-per-minute. The on/off switch features an LED indicator.

“The professional nozzle (ISO 22241 compliant) is supplied with a two-metre hose. As well as AdBlue, it is also suitable for water-based liquids such as antifreeze and windscreen washer fluid (but not flammable liquids, thinners or corrosive chemicals).”

In addition, Laser Tools offers a urea mixture strength tester, said to provide a quick and accurate method of testing AdBlue.

“In order for a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) equipped diesel emissions system to function correctly, the strength of the DEF (AdBlue) solution must be maintained at 32.5 per cent urea,” the company explained.

“Over time, the strength of the solution can change; this can be by evaporation (the water component of the solution is reduced), or contamination. Either of these can cause variations in the AdBlue quality and strength which will be flagged up by the engine’s OBD system (DEF warning light).

“The Laser 7240 tester is extremely easy to use and displays a clear pass or fail result regardless of the temperature of the sample.”

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