Friday 18 September 2020

LPW launches antiviral cleaning services

National vehicle cleaning provider LPW has responded to the current coronavirus pandemic by providing antiviral vehicle cleaning services and consumable products to sanitise vehicles, thereby helping businesses to protect staff and drivers against Covid-19.

The LPW Truck Wash division has implemented a number of social distancing measures throughout its network to ensure the safety of staff and drivers visiting its centres with drivers able to remain within the safety of their cabs.

In addition to this, a final sanitising spray is being applied to the exterior of each vehicle free of charge for all customers, with special attention paid to the driver’s cab, manual handling parts of the trailer and vehicle bodies.

Meanwhile, LPW’s Mobile Fleetwash divison is offering regular scheduled antiviral sanitisation cab cleaning for existing customers, whilst providing vehicle cleaning services onsite to help protect drivers. This is achieved via the application of specialist disinfectant products on hard surfaces within the cab, focusing on high-touch areas including steering wheels, gear sticks, handbrakes and controls.

LPW Fleetcare has also expanded its current range of vehicle cleaning products to support its customers, by supplying bulk sanitiser liquid, sanitiser trigger spray bottles, micro fibre cab cleaning cloths and hand sanitiser, which has also been added to the company’s online shop.

In the event that a driver has either suspected symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19, LPW is able to provide reactive antiviral deep cleaning with disinfect, so the driver’s cab is deemed safe to use – thus protecting staff and drivers and helping customers to maintain effective fleet operations by avoiding substantial vehicle off-road time.

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