Tuesday 14 July 2020

Under-chassis wash solutions from WNV-Systems

WNV-Systems designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs heavy vehicle wash facilities primarily for the bus, coach, HGV, local government and rail industries, including a patented automatic under-chassis wash system.

The system typically takes 20 minutes to clean a double-decker bus or refuse vehicle to full MOT standards, says the firm, providing a full width clean from its nine rotating jets.

The MK2 HMI upgrade also enables the cleaning of hybrid or electric vehicles, with the robotic head being fully programmable to avoid areas such as batteries.

Pressure is kept below levels which might invalidate guarantees on vehicles with exterior mounted management systems.

Darren Bright, business development director at WNV-Systems, said: “The wash achieves this quality of clean and time efficiency even with extremely dirty vehicles, including those that regularly drive over landfill sites or on gritted winter roads.

“The machine is robust and energy efficient, built using low energy consumption waterproof pumps, without seals to deliver maximum life span and reliability.”

Under-chassis cleaning has generally been done by hand, which Darren says can have significant health and safety implications. In addition to the cost and time-saving benefits of the WNV machine, there are few health and safety concerns, the firm says, as no-one needs to be under the vehicle during the cleaning operation.

It has been installed at the sites of several major bus operators including Go-Ahead Group, National Express, Arriva and Stagecoach, as well as local authorities across the UK and abroad. The firm reports strong interest from the USA.

The automated under-chassis wash is normally installed in tandem with a water reclamation system specifically designed by WNV-Systems to process the effluent produced in the cleaning operation. In doing this, it recycles 90 per cent of water used to wash a vehicle.

This water reclamation system is fully approved by DEFRA (the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and meets all water authority standards, says WNV.

The company estimates that the reclamation system can pay for itself in two/three years, depending on usage. The installations are eminently suitable for integration into rainwater harvesting systems, it adds; a number are already in operation providing significant savings in water costs.

If supplied with a reclaim and rainwater harvesting system the wash can clean without any fresh water input being required at all.

Further products available include top washes, pressure washes, and all associated chemicals, traffic film remover and shampoo.

Each member of WNV’s team of service engineers has over 20 years’ experience concentrated in the commercial vehicle cleaning industry. The company not only manufactures, but also installs and services all types of wash equipment. It can also provide any civil work required and often installs on existing wash pads, or erects new screens and buildings.

WNV also provides water testing for legionella programmes in line with HSE guidelines.

Readers can find more information, or arrange a free site survey, via the website.


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