Thursday 26 November 2020

All-electric mixer launched

All-electric construction trucks are being developed by Swiss company Futuricum on Volvo chassis.

Among the most complex is a five-axle, 40-tonne concrete mixer, examples of which are due to enter service with Holcim and KIBAG this autumn. Based on the Volvo FM, the trucks are fitted with 10 or 12m³ drums, using a drive system jointly developed by Liebherr and ZF.

Both truck and drum are powered by the same battery pack: with a 500 kW motor powering the truck. The drum is driven by a second electric motor via reduction gears, dispensing with the need for a PTO and hydraulic system. Chassis is a doubledrive tridem with rear-steer axle.

The localised nature of ready-mix delivery means that the trucks return to base every night, facilitating recharging.

Futuricum is a collaboration of the Swiss Office of Energy, Volvo Trucks, Contena Ochsner AG and other partners. It emphasises not just the electrification of the truck chassis, but also the bodywork, for applications including recycling, distribution, construction, agriculture and forestry.

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