Tuesday 14 July 2020

Vehicle inspections made easier with Truckfile Voice

Workshop management solutions provider Truckfile has launched its new Truckfile Voice system, which it says will take vehicle maintenance to the next level of speed and efficiency by using spoken words, instead of paper or keyboard, to record all updates.

Truckfile Voice allows workshop staff to carry out inspection and repair jobs using a series of ‘hands-free, eyes-free’ spoken commands. Technicians wear a light, comfortable headset which incorporates a microphone – and simply say what they see as the job proceeds.

The equipment then logs their responses. Details are saved and records updated automatically, with no extra time required for inputting.

At a stroke, Truckfile Voice can speed up the process by an average of 20 per cent, says the company. For instance, if a technician could previously complete four inspections per shift, the system will allow them potentially to manage five in the same time.

To complete an inspection, a technician must simply follow a series of audible prompts, delivered through their headphones, to check off each item.

They tell the system as each one is either passed or failed – and can also use a smartphone-sized, hand-held device to snap and attach photographs instantly, if any defects need to be captured.

Truckfile managing director Paul Clarke said: “Voice represents a major step forward in the quest to help commercial vehicle workshops operate as efficiently and profitably as possible.

“The voice-directed system is based on equipment and software developed in conjunction with BEC (Systems Integration), a leading supplier of automated warehouse management and shop floor data capture solutions, and is well proven in operation.

“It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use, for new or experienced staff. As well as speeding up the inspection process very significantly, it also offers highly accurate and consistent recording, ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards and supported by real-time analytics and dashboards.

“It’s such a simple piece of equipment to use but the potential for speeding up the throughput of vehicles is profound. Voice is set to become the most useful tool in the workshop.”

Voice is now available to order for new customers, or for established Truckfile users to add on to systems already in use.


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