Friday 16 April 2021

Novadata launches terror and security DCPC course

Novadata has launched a new JAUPT-approved Driver CPC course, The Terrorist Threat & Driver Security, which is suitable for both LGV and PCV professional drivers.

The course examines the potential threats from terrorist and organised crime activity and their implications for the safety of drivers, passengers and the general public. It outlines the responsibilities of the driver in remaining vigilant and spotting potentially suspicious behaviour which could indicate a possible threat or potential incident.

Raising awareness of how to take action to minimise danger and maximise safety, the course explains the appropriate actions to take in reporting suspicious activity, the measures that can be deployed to maximise vehicle security, and the consequences of failing to spot and act on suspicious behaviour.

Drivers will be informed of the role of Border Control and the importance of guarding against clandestine passengers, including the penalties for being caught with a clandestine passenger onboard the vehicle.

The course covers secure overnight parking and the standard checks to carry out next morning following overnight parking. Also included is the impact of theft or hijack on the company, the driver, any passengers, and the general public.

Novadata’s Derek Broomfield, said: “Unfortunately, terrorism and organised crime are very present threats to the transport industry, and it is often drivers who find themselves on the front line. However, there are steps that drivers can take minimise the risks of incidents of this nature.

“This new Driver CPC course will equip drivers with the knowledge they need to be more vigilant; and enable them to be confident in taking the best course of action when they observe anything suspicious. It outlines some very practical skills to help drivers to maximise their safety.”

The new Driver CPC course has been introduced as the company expands its online e-learning portfolio; and is also expected to be available in the classroom once this can be safely achieved, observing social distancing.

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