Friday 16 April 2021

Rigloo keeps drivers safe at roadside

Among the transport safety solutions available from Kuda UK is Rigloo, a ‘rescue ready’ emergency shelter designed for use by drivers in tough weather conditions.

“With more than 800 people killed or seriously injured on the roadside or in lay-bys each year, it’s never been more important to be outside and away from your vehicle when it breaks down,” said Kuda UK.

“Rigloo is far more than just a tent: it’s a highly engineered emergency shelter, complete with hi-vis reflective panels to be seen at the roadside. The shelter is made from Ripstop 210T, giving the ultimate in water protection… It’s tested in the toughest conditions to withstand the elements.”

Rigloo’s inflatable skeletal frame offers a super quick (less than two-minute) set up time and a sturdy support, adds Kuda.

“Rigloo was designed and built to be a reusable, inflatable refuge conveniently packed away in a small rucksack with its own battery air pump, which is easily inflated within 90 seconds to provide shelter,” said the firm.

The product is said to be ideal for truck and van fleet drivers, as well as for personal car users.

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