Monday 26 July 2021

SmartWitness develops DVS safety kits

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Caterham-based video telematics provider SmartWitness has developed several compliant kits to assist fleets with the introduction of London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS), enforcement of which is set to begin next year.

These packages allow for HD video to be fed to an in-cab monitor to aid drivers in safe operations. Cameras mounted on the front, rear, and sides of a vehicle will provide drivers with a 360° view of their surroundings.

For additional safety, proximity sensors can be equipped to alert the driver of hazards and also provide audible notice to other road users when a vehicle is turning left.

The SmartWitness DVS kits can run on a mini-DVR (CP4) or commercial MDVR (CRXS) platform which supports up to 8 channels of video. Both systems are 4G LTE enabled, which grants fleet managers access to video in real-time with the ability to live stream current activities.

Video telematics software integration provides meaningful insights around driver performance, routing data, idle times, and more, SmartWitness adds.

Cellular connectivity of these devices also provides huge benefits as a first notification of loss (FNOL) system, the firm says. Within seconds of an incident, built-in sensors will flag and transmit data to aid in the swift review and resolution of insurance claims.

SmartWitness managing director, Paul Singh, said: “New compliance legislation is often just another extra headache and cost for fleet managers who are already stretched thin. This is why SmartWitness has come up with a simple pre-kitted solution that will offer long-term safety compliance.

“Our DVS kits tick all the boxes, are competitively priced, and offer huge additional benefits with live video telematics data – all this while being compliant with Transport for London’s partners, FORS and FTA.”

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