Thursday 26 November 2020

aide tackles fuel theft for Fly By Nite

Event haulage specialist Fly By Nite has opted to install diesel tank alarms from vehicle equipment supplier aide automotive in order to help safeguard its fleet against potential fuel theft.

Located in Redditch, close to Junction 3 of the M42, Fly By Nite’s specialised vehicles and dedicated drivers are trusted to deliver by some of the biggest names in the music, entertainment, corporate and exhibition industries.

With the company’s trucks crossing all of Europe, Fly By Nite’s Richard Brown opted to protect the twin tanks on each truck with the aide automotive TankGuard Fuel Alarm.

The Tank Guard sensor is fitted externally in a discreet location on the outside of the fuel tank. If thieves attempt to remove the locked cap, or jemmy out the sender unit or in any way attack the tank, then the Tank Guard will alarm with 113 decibels.

Tank Guard automatically arms after the ignition has been switched off for sixty seconds.

The product represents a relatively easy aftermarket installation, says aide automotive, with the option of adding a second sensor for dual fuel tanks.

TankGuard can also send an immediate alert via text; a GSM unit works in conjunction with the TankGuard to warn of immediate theft attempts. Text alerts can also be sent for alternative valuable items such as catalytic converters.

For further protection of diesel fuel tanks, aide automotive also recommends fitting an anti-siphon product, such as its TP Anti Syph or FuelKeep, to thwart opportunist thieves at the filler neck, in conjunction with the alarm.

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