Friday 27 November 2020

Sterling gives new life to Hymix

Yorkshire plant body manufacturer Sterling has taken over the brand, design rights and some assets of the Hymix concrete-mixer manufacturing company, which went into liquidation late last year.

The new Hymix mixers will be manufactured and installed at Sterling’s existing five-acre site in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Factory floorspace will be increased to create the new production line and the Sterling team will be expanded to cover the sales, administration and engineering departments of the enlarged group.

Founded in 1988, Hymix had been a leading manufacturer of concrete mixers, renowned for mix performance and speed of discharge on site, recent innovations offered the best weight and dimensions for the UK ready-mix industry.

Sterling sales director Jarl James said: “The Hymix truck concrete mixer is a perfect fit for our business, and the engineering ability of our team will allow us to further develop the product and manufacturing process. We believe the sales and customer service expertise offered by our team will be well received by concrete mixer operators across the country.

“The initial reception from operators we have spoken has been very positive. And its great news for Teesside given the new jobs this will create over the next few years, I’m very passionate about promoting manufacturing in the North East.’

Nick Humpish, the previous managing director of Hymix, commented: “The Sterling team offer the Hymix range a bright new future.  Their commitment to quality, service and on time delivery are exactly what the market demands to compliment the Hymix mixer performance and functionality.”

Sterling has taken over and relocated the remaining parts stock from Hymix, and this is available to operators immediately. The first new mixers will be rolling off the production line by the end of the year.

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