Friday 16 April 2021

Connexas multi-camera solution boosts fleet security

Vehicle technology provider Connexas, part of AddSecure, has outlined the security benefits for fleets of fitting multi-camera systems such as its Verilocation products, in addition to the safety and compliance advantages.

“Vehicle thefts can be a huge blow to revenue,” the company pointed out.

“While most vehicles have a camera of some sort on-board, many are yet to take the next step, and equip their drivers with a complete multi-camera system.

“While a single dashcam is better than nothing, a multi-camera system provides companies with security from every angle, inside and outside of the vehicle.

“Of course, this CCTV can be used to deter thieves. But additionally, it gives drivers sleeping overnight in the cab greater peace of mind that they have backup.”

In addition to the security benefits, over the next year or so, fleet operators have another reason to invest and benefit from a CCTV system across their vehicles, says Connexas, in the form of Transport for London’s forthcoming Direct Vision Standard.

“The best way to ensure your fleet is covered for the foreseeable future is installing a multi-camera system across all vehicles [and] also, ensuring your fleet has class V and VI mirrors, audible alarms, and sensors,” said the company.

“As well as all Verilocation cameras recording in high definition, they give you access to the Verilocation platform, where operators can download and review footage at any time.

“Plus, our telematics system provides detailed driver behaviour data, giving an even greater insight to how an employee was driving before, during, and after an incident.

“A full system includes forward-facing dashcams, driver facing, rear-view and side-view cameras, along with an in-cab monitor where drivers can view the 360˚ coverage of the vehicle, and an MDVR hard drive.

“As well as assisting with manoeuvres, the cameras give drivers reassurance that they have a complete view of what, and who is around their vehicle.”

Cameras also provide fleets with extra security in the form of protection for their drivers from false insurance claims, Connexas points out.

“Normally, a company without footage to back up their claim must settle with a 50/50 insurance payout,” said the firm.

“However, a fully integrated, high quality, multi-camera system, ensures driver and vehicles remain protected.”

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