Friday 16 April 2021

Jigsaw taps into telematics for accurate MPGs

Fuel management specialist Jigsaw has highlighted the way in which it is integrating telematics technology with fuelling data streams to allow for more accurate MPG calculations.

Fuel management has come a long way in the last ten years, says Jigsaw, with most systems now real-time and web-based, giving users unprecedented control of their fuel issues – real-time systems providing tighter control and higher security.

One area that isn’t addressed with the new technologies however, says the company, is the dependency on drivers inputting the correct mileage on the fuel island.

“Most systems will check mileage entry, and web-based, centralised data has improved matters,” said Jigsaw.

“It is possible to fit hardware to vehicles to transmit mileage data at the time of fuelling, but this can be expensive for both the initial hardware and the ongoing maintenance.

“Fortunately these days, more and more vehicles are fitted with telematics (tracking) systems. Apart from regularly reporting where vehicles are, most of these on-board systems also pass on other vehicle data – crucially the vehicle’s mileage.

“So now we have a live server receiving fuelling data and another live server receiving positional and mileage information.

“Jigsaw have developed real-time interfaces with multiple telematics providers to forge these two data streams together so that as the fuelling data is received, the Jigsaw server contacts the telematics server, recovers the vehicle mileage and inserts it in to the fuelling data – all in real-time.”

The firm added: “There are three main advantages to these new interfaces: no additional hardware is needed on the vehicles, you get wonderfully accurate mileage data giving the best mpg figures possible, and drivers spend less time on the fuel island typing in mileage data.”

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