Wednesday 22 September 2021

Volta Zero fully electric truck to debut with DPD

Scandinavian electric vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks has announced that it is shortly to begin a pilot test of its forthcoming Volta Zero truck with parcel delivery giant DPD.

Said to be the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne delivery vehicle, the Volta Zero is set to commence the trials with DPD in the first quarter of 2021, operating within London’s ultra low emission zone.

“The vehicle is an ideal fit for our Urban Logistics strategy; and the fact that it will be the most sustainable commercial vehicle is a fantastic achievement too, and mirrors our own strategy to be the UK’s leader in sustainable delivery,” said Olly Craughan, CSR general manager of DPD Group UK Ltd.

Rob Fowler, chief executive officer of Volta Trucks, added; “The Volta Zero was specifically designed to deliver parcels and freight in inner city locations where today’s air quality and noise pollution challenges are at their worst.

“The Volta Zero’s full-electric, zero-emission operation is perfectly suited to DPD’s distribution requirements within London’s strict Ultra Low Emission Zone, delivering parcels to Central London’s customers in a clean and efficient way.

“The Volta Zero is also much safer for the city’s pedestrians and other road users than other large goods vehicles, thanks to the unique design of the cab that offers the driver significantly enhanced visibility.

“Its full-electric drivetrain also offers near-silent operation, meaning DPD will be able to utilise the Volta Zero in the centre of London in an efficient 24-hour operation.”

Meanwhile, on online launch event for the Volta Zero has been announced for 10:00 BST on Thursday 3 September. This can be viewed on the Volta Trucks website, and will feature speakers from the company and a virtual audience of media, customers and investors.

Volta has announced a tyre partnership with Bridgestone which covers the first launch vehicle, as well as the supply of tyres to the pilot vehicles that are due to start evaluation with fleet operators in early 2021.

Bridgestone has supplied its 285/70R19.5 146/144M R-Steer 002 tyre for both front and rear axles.

The tyre’s steer pattern is said to deliver an optimum performance for high-torque full-electric vehicles, and significant noise reduction thanks to its ribbed design tread pattern, which is important for the truck’s inner city usage: Volta Zero’s silent full-electric powertrain enables it to operate in urban areas 24 hours a day, even with the most stringent noise pollution regulations.

Rob Fowler added: “Three years after the Volta Zero was first conceived, I am delighted that we will soon be able to reveal the vehicle. In 2017, we realised the opportunity that delivering a large zero-emission inner-city delivery vehicle could bring to the logistics industry, but also to the inhabitants of the city that it serves.

“Reducing pollution, improving safety, offering fleet operators a credible alternative to the internal combustion engine, and helping them with the migration to electrification, were our main drivers at the outset.The Volta Zero has over-delivered on all of these ambitions.

“Despite the headwinds we have all experienced in 2020, we will launch the Volta Zero on time, which is testament to a strong team, and fantastic partners. I’m really looking forward to revealing the Volta Zero, and seeing the truck used in our first pilot trials soon.”

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