Tuesday 27 July 2021

21st Century develops ATEX-certified CCTV

Vehicle technology provider 21st Century, a Journeo company, has been working with Rix Petroleum to develop a unique CCTV solution for hazardous goods vehicles.

Rix Petroleum is one of the oldest remaining family-owned independent fuel distributors, which distributes and retails petroleum products across the UK.

To maintain its legacy of a fast and safe service, Rix needed a CCTV solution that met ADR restrictions for the carriage of dangerous goods – the most important requirement being to remain operational in potentially explosive atmospheres.

It also needed to eliminate the need for CCTV analysts to visit the vehicle fleet in order to obtain vital footage, which can often be time-consuming. Instead, a replacement CCTV system that could be monitored and accessed remotely was desired.

The 21st Century ATEX-certified solution is designed specifically for fuel distribution companies and as a training tool for staff, as well as for providing evidence in the case of insurance claims.

It is claimed to be the only system currently available that can continue recording in potentially explosive atmospheres, including in fuelling stations, where risk is at its highest. Rix was keen to ensure safety to their staff and customers at the highest protection level possible.

The system consists of eight high-definition analogue cameras which are placed to offer full coverage of the vehicle, with consideration for integration of tractor and trailer units.

Where newer vehicles had in-built OEM displays, 21st Century integrated with those displays allowing them to switch to CCTV images when the vehicle was placed into reverse or the indicators are active.

Footage is easily accessed remotely, for viewing and for safe and secure footage downloads, via the Journeo Transit Cloud-based platform over 3G/4G. Through the inclusion of the Journeo Edge Intelligent gateway, 21st Century is able to provide real time health monitoring of the system.

Rix can manage the system through the Journeo Cloud platform, allowing a real-time view of the health of its systems. Recordings are stored securely and can be retrieved for authorised/approved third party access when needed, saving time and money.

21st Century began the rollout in 2018 and has since installed over 100 systems throughout the Rix fleet.



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