Monday 26 July 2021

GTF adds to Mounty load restraint range

Load handling equipment provider GT Factors (GTF) has recently developed an additional product for its Mounty load restraint range.

The new Mounty head, known as the Mounty Throw, is used to ‘throw’ a strap over the top of a load, particularly when the load is carried on curtain sided bodywork where frequently the amount of room available between the load top and the roof is minimal.

“This operation is frequently very difficult for a driver to achieve successfully,” said GTF.

“The action often results in shoulder strain and failure, but with the new Mounty Throw there is no strain to the shoulder and the operation is much quicker.

“The new head has just been released in the Mounty range in the UK and already interest has been shown in other overseas markets where high loads require more effort to get loading straps over successfully.”

The Mounty range was launched some six years ago, incoporating driver aids aimed at making loading faster, safer, and physically easier on the loader. It includes innovative tools designed to get the best out of the latest designs in vehicle bodywork.

“The Mounty range starts with a Mounty Pole and, by the addition of various attachments, enables drivers to comply with latest legislation and HSE requirements for ‘feet on the ground’ operation,” the firm said.

“Mounty equipment cuts out most need for a driver to mount truck or trailer bodywork.”

Initial products launched in the range were the Mounty Pole and Mounty Applicator. The Applicator is secured into the Pole end and is used to place Edge Protectors onto loads at height.

Straps thrown over the load are then precisely fitted on the Edge Protector and the strap winched taut.  During loading operations, other Mounty heads may be used to assist in the accurate placement and recovery of straps.

“Further innovative designs are included in the Mounty range, such as an attachment to place/detach sling end loops over lifting hooks fitted with a safety keeper,” GTF continued.

“The Mounty StrapHook and BoardMount helps drivers complete loading on curtain sided vehicles by guiding the removable sideboards back into position on the vehicle, thus tensioning the curtain sides.”

GTF has been in the load handling business for over 33 years.  It is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where the GTF Group has its headquarters and UK manufacturing facility. In addition, it has three further manufacturing plants in India, employing up to 100 production and engineering staff. These factories manufacture various load restraint components which are then either sold as individual items to the trade, or made up into complete load restraint systems for end users.

A few selected products are sourced from long associated partners in Europe and the Far East but most production is made in-house. When products are sourced from other manufacturers, GTF frequently uses its own press and mould tools to ensure quality production and continuous high volume.

Although historically, GTF sold standard load restraint equipment – particularly ratchet and strap assemblies and Duplex slings – the product range continued to develop. Specialist ratchets, one way buckles, cam buckles etc, and an extensive range of different end fittings mated to most volume specialist bodywork load restraint systems are produced.  Specialist boron, stainless and alloy steel wire products are also made, as well as sophisticated flat plate components.

“If you have a need for load restraint at height, speak to GTF to see if a design is already developed that could help you,” advised the company.

Further information on the full load restraint product range is available on the GTF website.

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