Monday 26 July 2021

SpanSet keeps critical workers and loads secure

Load handling solutions specialist SpanSet has remained open for business during the coronavirus pandemic, in order to keep transport operators supplied with critical driver and load safety products.

The company said it was proud to be a core supplier to key industries, and thanked those working tirelessly to keep goods moving at a time when cargos are more valuable than ever and driver safety critical.

“The haulage and logistics industries are working round the clock delivering essential food and supplies,” said SpanSet.

“Protecting driver and loader safety by safeguarding against falls from height when loading and unloading is always vital, however never more so than now. The same can be said for protecting cargos when in transit – all loads are important and need to arrive safely and undamaged.

“SpanSet have a wide range of products in stock or available to order to help our customers deliver the goods.”

The company’s range includes anti-slip mats, which increase the friction between the load and the load bed, thus dramatically reducing the number of lashings required. This speeds up loading and unloading as well as boosting load security, says SpanSet.

Further load protection solutions include edge protection to prevent damage to loads and lashings, a wide range of specialist ratchets unique to SpanSet, tension force indicators to guarantee correct lashing tension, and an extensive selection of lashings, including hammock lashings said to be ideal for securing fragile loads,

To protect workers, SpanSet also offers Guardian, a load restraint system that remains with the vehicle to provide both load security and driver safety; and the Capcha vehicle fall protection system, designed to reduce the risk posed by falls from vehicle trailers.

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