Wednesday 21 October 2020

Philips 24V lighting range enhanced

Lumileds – which is responsible for both manufacturing and bringing to market the Philips Commercial Vehicle lighting offer worldwide – has enhanced the models in the Philips 24V headlight range for improved life and durability.

As previously, the Philips commercial vehicle bulb range offers three options, each with its own performance or style criteria – enabling operators to choose the right product according to their particular needs or preferences.

Philips’ latest MasterLife headlights offer an even longer working life than before, says Lumileds – now up to 1,200 hours. This is possible through the use of a robust double coil filament, a unique gas combination and quartz glass.

The MasterDuty range now enjoys further enhanced vibration resistance, making these lights suitable for trucks whose work requires ultimate protection against mechanical shock.

MasterLife and MasterDuty both come in H1, H3, H4 and H7 configurations.

Philips MasterDuty BlueVision combines a xenon-effect light with maximum performance and excellent vibration resistance, says the firm, offering operators a distinctive look combined with practicality. It is available in H3, H4 and H7 variants.

In the Philips LCV range, the multi award-winning Philips RacingVision halogen bulb has now been officially rated at +200 per cent of the industry standard bulb, and has been renamed RacingVision GT200 to reflect this.

Meanwhile, the X-tremeVision Pro150 now inherits the RacingVision’s +150 performance rating, while offering a lifetime of up to 450 hours and 10G shock protection.

The Philips 24V bulb range also includes a comprehensive range of  fog lights, positioning lights, indicators, stop and running lights as well as a wide range of interior lights and dashboard lighting.

Two MasterDuty spare bulb kits are additionally available, so that if necessary, a bulb change can be effected while out on the road.

“It is all about reducing downtime to a minimum,” said Lumileds’ UK and Ireland automotive business development manager, Richard Armstrong.

“We are now able not only to offer bulbs that are at the forefront of lighting lifetimes, but also those which offer a great all round blend of performance, style and durability.”

Philips 24V lighting is available through PSV Transport Systems ( or local stockists.

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