Tuesday 20 October 2020

Trailer lighting advancements from Aspöck

Trailer lighting supplier Aspöck Systems has outlined several of its recent developments in the sector, which it says can help keep both vehicles and pedestrians safe on the road.

One of the most recent products being fitted to trailers across the UK is the Ecoled II rear lamp, says the company.

“This innovative design features glowing body technology as a tail light, with improved and increased visibility due to the large luminous area of the tail and stop light functions.

“The Ecoled II comes with a progressive directional indicator for a much more modern look which is also visually more noticeable to the human eye, making it easier for vulnerable road users to see.”

The lamp is equipped to the latest LED compatibility standard ISO 13207-1 (24V). Paired with a symmetrical lens, this makes it much easier when it comes to replacing damaged lenses, says Aspöck, as the replacement can be used on either side. This is also available in a truck variant.

Another application highlighted by the firm is the use of flashing side marker units, to improve visibility and safety for other road users when turning a corner or merging into a lane on the motorway.

“With the use of a simple side marker control gear (SMCG) interface, you can easily set your side markers to flash in unison with the indicator function,” said Aspöck.

The company has introduced the UniMaxx side marker light to its range.

“Maxing out on the legal light intensity output power, this side marker illuminates five times brighter than a standard side marker, making this a new and improved robust design which is a perfect companion with the SMCG flashing interface.”

Further developments include the Workpoint LED 1500, which has been approved to be used as an additional reversing lamp.

“By using an electronic reversing device (ERD), the additional reversing lights will come on when the tail lights are illuminated and the vehicle is in reverse (in line with ECE Reg 48 and current type approval),” said the company.

“This dual voltage lamp also has an IP69K rating meaning it can be put through extreme weather conditions, and can even be steam jet washed without getting any water ingress.”

Finally, the Aspöck Cycle Warning Lamp will stay illuminated whilst driving, making other cyclists and even motorcyclists aware that there is a blind spot where the driver may not be able to see them.

“This lamp will even flash with the indicator function to make people aware that the vehicle is turning a corner, informing vulnerable road users to stay out of their blind spots,” the company concluded.



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