Monday 26 July 2021

Scania helps fleets achieve DVS success

Scania has outlined the vehicle and retrofit options it is making available to help fleet operators meet London’s new Direct Vision Standard (DVS) requirements.

Providing maximum protection for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians is a key design parameter for all Scania L- and P-series models, says the manufacturer. In addition to large surface areas of glass and high levels of visibility from the driver’s position, both ranges can be specified with Scania’s City Safe window, a factory-fitted low-placed window in the passenger door.

Depending on specification, all Scania L-series and P-series cabs are capable of achieving a Transport for London Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating of 5 and 3 stars respectively.

For operators of any non-DVS-compliant vehicles, Scania dealers also offer retrofit safety system kits. Comprising a camera monitoring system, sensor system, speaking alarm and warning stickers, these can be applied to any make of rigids and tractor units.

Vincente Connolly, Scania’s UK sales director, commented: “The star rating of every vehicle has to be calculated independently due to variables such as tyre size and chassis height.

“Determining the score involves calculating how much the driver can see of a ‘control volume’ around the truck based on TfL’s analysis of the spots where urban accidents are most likely to occur. The higher the ‘visible volume’, the higher the star rating.”

Star ratings are becoming increasingly important, Scania points out – from this year only trucks with one star or above are automatically allowed to operate in Greater London, but in 2024, that figure rises to three stars.

Consequently, the manufacturer says, it is seeing an increasing number of urban operators – including local distribution service providers, builders’ merchants and construction industry operators – specifying the low datum Scania L-series cab in order to achieve a high DVS star rating.

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