Monday 26 July 2021

SIP’s CV battery solutions

SIP Industrial offers a comprehensive range of heay-duty battery boosters, chargers, starters, and support units for commercial vehicle applications.

The company’s battery equipment range is developed and curated in partnership with Switzerland-based Lemania Energy, which SIP have recently partnered with, in tandem with Helvi Equipment from Italy.

SIP supplies battery booster packs suitable for large HGV and LCV vehicles, with various technologies said to provide stable, powerful, and reliable power in all applications. Both AGM and Capacitor booster packs are available, each offering different benefits.

“AGM packs, for example, are purpose-designed specifically for high cranking rates, and is a proven technology, with all SIP units offering reverse polarity alarms and integrated 12v DC power take-off for powering devices,” said the firm. These include the SIP Pro Booster Truck HD, the most powerful unit in the range.

“Capacitor models on the other hand offer a quicker and more lightweight option. Fitted ultracapacitors means there is no internal battery required, for a completely maintenance-free unit.

“This does not compromise the charging power, however, with Capacitor models able to fast charge in 15 seconds from a running vehicle, plus a long lifespan of 1million+ life cycles. Our flagship Capacitor units for trucks and larger vehicles are the SIP SC Pro Booster 18000, and SC Pro Booster 18002XP.”

A number of smaller handheld and glovebox-style multi-step battery chargers are available, said to be ideal for on-the-go charging, roadside charging and more.

“Firstly, there are SIP Chargestar Multi-Stage Chargers, comprising overall of 6 models, with the most powerful (Chargestar 8DV and Chargestar 25DV) designed with the express goal of charging even the most stubborn of heavy vehicles,”

“Suitable for all major battery types, including Lead Acid, Wet Cell, VRLA, GEL, AGM, and CaCa batteries. all these are fitted with reverse polarity protection and water and dust resistance, a range of adaptor and lead accessories, and three-year warranty as standard.

“Brand new, however, to the SIP roster is the GX Advanced Battery Charger collection – the ultimate battery charging solution, support, and diagnostic tool. Combining intelligent charging, maintenance, supply, reconditioning, and testing into one simple process, these easy-to-use, wall-mountable, and microprocessor-controlled Advanced Battery Chargers are perfect in all environments, with three models (GX5, GX10,and GX15) perfect for the light vehicles, vans, and above.”

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