Friday 26 February 2021

BPW invests in UK axle assembly operation

Following a multi-million pound investment, trailer technology provider BPW has announced it has now completed the first phase of its expansion plan to introduce an axle assembly line into its site in Leicester, meaning its axles will be engineered in Germany and built in Britain.

Having assembled over 250,000 suspensions to axles in the UK over the last 10 years, the investment will significantly increase the manufacturing scope and scale of the UK operation, BPW says.

“With the first axles produced in September, the new assembly line, with its fully trained production team, allows BPW UK greater flexibility in terms of specific axle requirements, and reduces risks of cross border supply after the Brexit transition period ends,” the company added.

“Until now the UK’s axles have been assembled in the company’s mainland Europe production sites. For BPW KG to move the assembly of axles into the hands of the UK reflects the loyalty that it has to the market, and further endorses the company’s willingness to invest long term in UK trailer manufacturing and the transport sector.”

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