Friday 26 February 2021

Scania now offers a tag-axle drive bogie

Scania has introduced a double-drive bogie featuring a tag axle than can be raised and disconnected from the drivetrain if required. The feature (which is similar to one offered by Volvo) allows the driver to reduce fuel consumption and improve ride quality when running empty.

A raised axle also reduces the truck’s turning radius and saves tyre wear. It can be raised almost 70 mm by simply turning a knob in the cab when the truck is travelling at any speed in under 25 seconds, but not if doing so will overload the remaining axle. Drive is disconnected as the axle rises and reconnects as it is lowered.

Available only with air-suspension, and on the RB662/R660 axle family, the system makes 90 per cent of its fuel saving from reduced internal friction. Unladen weight is increased by 60 kg.

The LDTA system currently cannot be specified with hub-reduction or tridem axles, but Scania UK sales director Vincente Connolly expects it to be a popular choice with tipper operators and timber hauliers who have an off-highway requirement and a high proportion of empty running.

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