Saturday 27 February 2021

Electric DAFs come to UK market

UK market leader DAF has launched electric trucks in the UK, with the latest versions featuring Lithium FeroPhosphate batteries that reduce vehicle weight and extend range compared to previous models operated in Germany and the Netherlands. DAF showed an electric 4×2 tractor from the fleet of Dutch operator Simon Loos at the Commercial Vehicle Show in 2019.

Initially the trucks, with CF cabs, will be available as 4×2, 37-tonne tractors and 26-tonne rear-steer 6×2 rigids.

Claimed maximum charge range from the 350 kW/h battery pack is 220 km. The pack can be fully-recharged in 75 minutes if connected to a 250 kW charging station. DAF claims that if the truck is on charge during the driver’s 45-minute break it should handle a full day on distribution work.

DAF Trucks is accompanying sales of the new CF Electric with a dedicated support programme to ensure operators maximise efficiencies, including pre-sale advanced route simulation, and practical advice on ‘smart’ and efficient battery recharging.

David Price, DAF Trucks’ municipal sales manager, has responsibility for sale of DAF electric vehicles in the UK. He said: “Interest at the CV Show was extremely favourable, and feedback from a group of demanding customers on the Continent provides further encouragement that we have a very capable truck well suited to the UK.”

He continued: “Safety, reliability and, of course, productivity, are critical in any new product development. We’re confident that the CF Electric ticks these boxes, alongside the very obvious environmental benefits.”

The tractor weighs 9,000 kg, and the rigid 10,200 kg. Typical weights for a diesel CF 4×2 tractor range from about 6,800 to 7,100 kg, depending upon spec.

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