Thursday 20 January 2022

PreDrive checks help streamline workshop management

Software provider Road Tech has outlined some of the benefits to workshop and maintenance processes of its PreDrive drivers’ daily walk-around check and damage reporting app.

The system records, reports and analyses vehicle checks, enabling fleet controllers to quickly assess any vehicle or trailer issues and advise workshops and maintenance providers accordingly, including PG9s that require immediate attention.

On receiving the report, the workshop staff can immediately schedule and organise repairs, order parts and consequently minimise vehicle downtime.

PreDrive’s check templates are unlimited and can be easily set-up and customised by the user, says Road Tech.

Templates can include whatever fleets require – for example, managers may wish each check to begin with a fitness to drive declaration, or confirmation that the driver has the required safety equipment and paperwork. Managers can elaborate on these requirements when including them in the template.

PreDrive will not allow the user to proceed unless all check questions are answered. There is a comprehensive suite of reports, including a notification if a driver has taken less than the time that has been allotted to do each check. Users can set up a check for different types or makes of vehicle, in order to identify what has been spent on each type or make. All PreDrive checks are date-stamped and will identify the vehicle’s location at the time of the check.

The damage reporting function includes a schematic picture of the vehicle, on which the damage location can be highlighted. Damage type i.e. ‘dented’, ‘broken’, ‘missing’ etc can be specified via a drop-down box of examples.

Each vehicle’s damage report will have an audit trail through to rectification. Once vehicle damage is reported via PreDrive, the details can be emailed, with photographs, to the traffic office, workshop or third party maintenance provider.

Workshop processes can be recorded and simplified using the click-through actionable vehicle servicing workflow dashboard. The vehicle maintenance scheduling calendar assists with the management of vehicles’ maintenance, servicing and MOT dates.

PreDrive is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no usage period contract to sign and a 28 day free trial. There is no limit to how many checks can be done on each vehicle weekly, for a per vehicle, per week charge.

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