Sunday 24 January 2021

Improved overload protection from VanWeigh

Among the solutions available from VPG Onboard Weighing is the recently improved VanWeigh, an overload protection and load optimisation system for light commercials.

The second-generation axle overload monitoring system is designed to fit any twin axle LCV with standard coil or leaf spring suspension or air suspension.

“The VanWeigh system’s user-friendly technology protects drivers and operators from weight infractions while providing per axle load distribution data to balance and maximise loads, while reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear,” said VPG Onboard Weighing.

“Gross vehicle weight (GVW) and per axle load information is displayed to the driver on an easy-to-use colour touchscreen and its telematics output connects to GPS tracking systems.

“The new VanWeigh boasts improved GVW accuracy of better than ±2.5 per cent within 90-100 per cent of GVW, versus ±3 per cent in first generation systems, and an audible alarm sounds if the total vehicle or axle weight maximum is reached.”

The second-generation VanWeigh system is available in easy-to-install retrofit or OEM configurations, adds the firm.

“It has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear and tear or slipping out of calibration.

“It features solid-state sensors that monitor the deflection in the springs, complies with UNECE Regulation 10.05 on electromagnetic compatibility, and is four times more accurate than the original VanWeigh technology (measuring 80 increments for every one degree of deflection, up from the previous system which measured 20 increments).”

VPG Onboard Weighing has advised that, despite Brexit, fleets sending vehicles to the EU mainland should be sure to avoid breaching vehicle weight regulations, which are being actively monitored on roads from 2021. VanWeigh is an ideal means of assuring full compliance and avoiding inconvenience, the company says.

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