Saturday 27 February 2021

Safetytrim’s wheel nut retention solution

Among the wheel nut retention devices available for commercial vehicles is Safetytrim, a one-piece retaining ring with built-in wheel nut indicators.

The Safetytrim retaining ring comprises 10, 8 or 6 protective nut caps set inside a ring that fits onto the wheel nuts of a commercial vehicle to indicate, retain and protect them.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Safetytrims are push-fitted (by hand) over all the wheel nuts at once. A tool is supplied to facilitate easy removal.

“Once firmly in place, Safetytrims not only indicate loose wheel nuts but retain them until you re-torque them again,” said Nut Security Products Ltd, which supplies the system.

“They will keep indicating you have a loose wheel nut until it has been re-torqued.”

Further benefits are said to include the protection of wheel nuts from weathering, corrosion and damage, and the reduction of dirt build-up on the wheel nut and stud, as well as protection from protruding wheel nuts.

Additional advantages include improved fleet safety checks and  a high heat deflection temperature (260 degrees C), says the company.

The product, which is said to be robust, durable and reusable, is designed to be used on wheels without step rings. Bespoke colour options are available to match company colours; quotes can be obtained by contacting Nut Security Products, via the website.

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