Saturday 27 February 2021

Delphi Technologies dispenses diagnostics advice

Delphi Technologies has issued guidance for distributors and workshops looking to invest in commercial diagnostics equipment, highlighting the importance of factors such as reliability and ease of use, as well as application coverage.

The modern-day commercial vehicle is far removed from many people’s perceptions, says Delphi Technologies, with advanced electronic diagnostic equipment now joining traditional spanners as essential equipment in a technician’s toolbox.

While the shift in truck technology dictates the need for technicians to expand their skillset, the investment in training is more than eclipsed by the revenue opportunity that truck diagnostics provides for garages, the company contends.

But it adds that a proven solution offering quick and reliable diagnostic capability is essential in order to minimise downtime.

“Making the wrong choice of commercial vehicle diagnostic tool can be a major mistake for workshops and distributors, not only in terms of missed revenue but also in keeping customers satisfied and retaining their loyalty,” said Julian Goulding, Northern Europe marketing manager at Delphi Technologies Aftermarket.

“Choose wrong and you run the risk of limiting the vehicles you can cater for and failing customers who are literally losing money every second a truck is off the road.

“If you’re in the market for such a tool, ensure you look for the breadth and depth of application coverage, as while certain tools will claim extensive vehicle coverage, many will in fact only diagnose limited systems within them. It’s also imperative that the tool is quick and simple to use if diagnostic jobs are to be completed in a timeframe that works to customers’ expectations.”

The company says its DS150 & DS450 hardware and truck software offering meets all the criteria, covering over 70 brands, 675 models and 16,000 unique system selections.

On top of the standard programmes, such as reading and erasing fault codes, it also lets users reset adaptations for key systems such as Clutch re-learn, Air Processing (APU) ECU programming and EBS, perform dosing tests, regenerate the SCR system and calibrate air suspension levels.

The DS tool also offers several built-in features said to facilitate quick, easy and accurate diagnostics and repair, including Intelligent System Scan, Intelligent System Identification, help files with step-by-step instructions, a report function and a diagnostic trouble code search function. With this time-saving feature, users can search for fault code supporting information without being connected to the vehicle, the firm explains – and determine whether it’s a critical issue, or if the vehicle can go on the road.

Delphi Technologies highlights its OE expertise in the commercial vehicle sector, including extensive experience in the development of state-of-the-art commercial vehicle engine management and powertrain control technologies. Further support comes in the shape of the company’s dedicated technical hotline and in-house training division.

Goulding added: “Even with the best diagnostic tools though, the user still needs a good understanding of key vehicle systems and how to diagnose and repair them. With our Vehicle Technical Information (VTI) integrated into the tool, and available as a standalone package, technicians enjoy access to in-depth maintenance and repair data, guiding them through the diagnostic, repair and calibration process.”

The company is offering significant savings on selected DS hardware and software products until 31 March 2021, including reductions on its Truck DS450 & Cable Kit (SV11447), as well as the 1 Year Truck Software package (SV10821). The VTI Professional (SV11518) product is also available at reduced price.

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