Saturday 27 February 2021

W.Easy ADAS calibration from WabcoWürth

Recent additions to diagnostics specialist WabcoWürth’s product portfolio include an ADAS calibration solution, in the form of its W.Easy mobile tool.

Since the beginning of 2018, WabcoWürth has been active in the calibration of assistance systems on commercial vehicles. Since June 2020, a further developed version of the mobile calibration tool has been available on the market.

Heavy commercial vehicles, buses and vans can be calibrated easily and quickly with W.Easy ADAS Calibration, the company says; and with the latest further development of the modular adjusting device, the system’s setup time is now even shorter.

“This is mainly due to the newly integrated double-tube extension, which allows the side extensions to remain permanently on the device, even in mobile use,” said the company.

“This saves valuable time that was previously needed for assembly and disassembly. The usual tolerance during calibration in relation to the given ground conditions, as well as the 100 per cent compliance with the manufacturing specifications, are of course still maintained.”

The company also offers a universal kit for vans, which it says can be easily attached to the previous adjustment device to enable the manufacturer-compliant calibration of numerous LCVs. WabcoWürth offers optional calibration panels for VAG/Mercedes and FCA/Alfa.

The firm highlights its ability to provide a comprehensive calibration solution from a single source, directly from the manufacturer.

“WabcoWürth supports its customers in their everyday workshop work beyond the mere product,” it said, adding that its sales and training team is always on hand to support users with individual advice, personal initial commissioning including training at the customer’s site, clear webinars, and a free hotline for questions about W.Easy software.

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