Saturday 27 February 2021

Built-in telematics from MAN

MAN Truck & Bus UK offers a variety of telematics solutions via its built-in Fit2Go package.

“Gone are the days when telematics should be considered an optional extra,” said Ajaz Khan, UTP Support Centre manager, Aftersales UK, MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd.
“With MAN’s latest Fit2Go package, you receive a five-star package with telematics built into your truck as standard for the next four years.”

The package is available across MAN’s truck range, and features software from technology supplier Microlise.

Fit2Go includes full service care for the truck for the first four years of its life via MAN Check, the vehicle health and diagnostics package.

This provides MAN dealers with real-time visibility of the truck’s on-going health and diagnostic data, and early warnings of serious issues via red health alerts, allowing any remedial or emergency support action to be arranged quickly and efficiently.

The system means that dealers can be made aware of problems so that repair work can be completed simultaneously when a vehicle comes in for a service or inspection.

Features available as part of Fit2Go on a free six-month ‘try-before-you-buy’ basis include MAN Track and MAN EcoStyle, also available on applicable R&M contracts.

MAN Track offers real-time vehicle tracking and a detailed mapping system showing assets’ current and recent locations, with a playback facility included.

Geofence reports and alerts ensure managers know exactly when trucks have arrived and left customers’ sites, while real-time reports detail drivers’ hours and break requirements.

MAN EcoStyle provides reports that can be used to enhance a fleet’s bottom line by helping to improve driving style, thereby boosting fuel economy and reducing vehicle wear and tear.

Data recording helps operators focus on potential problem areas, while driver performance reports, delivered in a simple-to-read ‘A to G’ ratings format, can be used to assess both individual and collective performance.

Optional enhancements to Fit2Go include MAN IncidentData and MAN RemoteTacho.

The IncidentData package offers instantaneous visibility of traffic incidents as they happen, with evidence to support or accept insurance claims. It includes granular display of telematics data at 0.25-second intervals, in both map and graphical form.

MAN RemoteTacho is a scheduled tachograph download service, providing periodic driver and vehicle data downloads to help ensure compliance.

Data is delivered in encrypted form to the chosen tacho bureau via secure company – card authentication.

Also available is MAN Compliance, including the Eworkshop & Document Database, a secure storage service for vehicle documentation and maintenance records.  MAN Truck & Bus UK is a DVSA-approved IT supplier for the Earned Recognition scheme, and customers will be given the option to enrol onto the scheme to further enhance their compliance status.

Khan said: “Available on vehicles across the award-winning range of MAN trucks, MAN Fit2Go delivers great benefits to you and your business from day one.”

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