Friday 16 April 2021

Key as a Service by Continental

Vehicle technology group Continental has recently developed a new Key as a Service (KaaS) solution, which allows remote access to vehicles and start authorisation via a virtual key management system and smartphone app.

The KaaS system supports both the commercial vehicle and car markets, and allows multiple drivers to drive a vehicle without the hassle of handling or losing keys. Fleet managers can easily assign access rights via a laptop in the office at any time.

It also allows access for the cleaning and servicing of vehicles without the need for physical keys, and bus and coach passengers to gain access to the vehicle when parked.

Highlighted benefits include 24/7 access to vehicles without the need for a manual process, and reduced costs due to lost keys. The system provides traceability of who has access to the vehicle, and a reliable record of who has been driving, for example, for track and trace purposes.

It enables drop-off and pick-up to be completed remotely, ideal for the vehicle rental sector, and can provide an accurate record of hire period and usage.

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