Friday 16 April 2021

Intelligent trailer innovations from ZF

ZF has outlined the features and benefits of its Wabco Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP) for trailer OEMs and fleets, which aims to provide a more robust connection between the truck and the trailer, enabling fleets and other strategic partners to identify and proactively manage critical safety and diagnostic issues.

“The Wabco ITP is an award-winning programme that is based on the EBS system, but extends into intelligent brake, suspension and connectivity systems,” explained ZF.

“The ITP program offers a range of 40 innovative trailer functions, based on the EBS system, helping trailer builders and fleets customise trailers to their specific needs.

“The Intelligent Trailer Program also paves the way to upgrade from basic braking systems to the next level of advanced braking and suspension technologies required for higher levels of vehicle automation.

“Enabling customers to select the functions most relevant to their specific needs, the programme offers a powerful range of customisable solutions.”

These include a range of advanced safety functions, which help mitigate potential dangers posed when cornering, braking, reversing or delivering, and improve the driver’s experience.

Driver comfort and effectiveness functions are also incorporated.

“Retaining skilled drivers is the key to running an efficient operation, which is why it’s also common sense to make sure that trailers contribute to their effectiveness,” said ZF.

There are also operational efficiency functions.

The company continued: “There are three keys to trailer operational efficiency: knowledge, speed and simplification. Because the more you know about a vehicle and the less you have to do on the road, the better it is for both drivers and fleet management. Which is precisely what this customisable combination of intelligent functions is designed to achieve.”

Load optimisation is another area covered by the programme.

“The effect of cargo on the trailer and, ultimately, the truck has implications for safety, driver comfort, fuel efficiency and maintenance,” said ZF.

“The Intelligent Trailer Program allows fleets to not just prevent overload but also optimise cargo distribution and vehicle stability throughout the journey for the best possible performance.”

Finally, fuel and CO2 reduction functionality is included.

When driving is your business, fuel economy is of critical importance. And, if that goal is achieved with minimum human intervention, the driver’s time can be spent more productively elsewhere.

“Add to that, the safety and environmental benefits of a vehicle running at optimum levels, and it’s clear that these features are more than ‘nice-to-haves’. In today’s climate, they are essential.”

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