Wednesday 22 September 2021

Rhinowash: reliable kit helps cut repair costs

With over 40 years’ experience in the business of pressure washers, Rhinowash was founded in 1975 (known then as Power Washing Plant Hire) by Denis Burns, to address the need for power washers on hire.

Over the years, the company began to design and build power washers in-house, which it says was a response to shortcomings identified in average pressure washers on the market. Following the invention of the Quick Swap Modular Design in 2004, the business rebranded as Rhinowash in 2009.

Still family run, the company has evolved with the marketplace and emphasises its commitment to customer satisfaction, having forged relationships with the likes of Network Rail, Volvo, Scania and Ministry of Defence. It cites durability, reliability and innovation as among the key benefits of its range.

The firm also offers regular check-ups from engineers and a guaranteed ‘first time fix’ for its customer base, which includes road transport operators, local authorities, plant and construction firms.

Rhinowash cites frozen water and machinery, and unprotected gun hoses and wash lances, as among common problems with washing systems that can result in costly repair bills.

The company says its equipment takes into account shifting weather patterns, incorporating tough machinery to withstand freezing temperatures. All of its washers can be sealed away in insulated and weatherproof enclosures which keep them safe from the most significant cold temperatures, it says, as well as any accidental damage from mishandling.

Mark Burns, director at Rhinowash, said: “We understand that all of these issues are prevalent in many pressure washers on the market. That’s why we designed ours to be extra-resistant to sub-zero temperatures. We also have automatic frost protection, saving you costly frost damage that can affect your accessories. All of this ensures that you can keep your business up and running smoothly, even over the winter period.”

He continued: “All of our equipment is built to be reliable and robust and has been designed with its fundamental use in mind. We aim to design each piece of kit with uniform and standardised proven core components; so for example, the RX and ST series models have identical cleaning performances. However, it’s in their suitability for different environments that they differ…. Our experts can point clients within niche industries in the right direction.”

In 2020, the company invested in a new website and app-based software for field service engineers. This new development will see a vast improvement in the communications and data handling of the company internally, says Rhinowash, ultimately benefiting customers. It has also expanded its factory and customer facing teams.

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