Wednesday 22 September 2021

Renault Trucks facelifts heavy range

Renault Trucks has refreshed its Range T, T High, C and K heavy truck designs for the long-haul and construction markets. Aimed to improve driver comfort, lighting, safety, and to reduce operating costs, the changes encompass a redesigned cab exterior and interior, revised driveline management and the option of extended service intervals on the 13-litre engine. ‘Over-the-air’ software updates have also been enabled as part of a predictive maintenance package.

Externally, the main distinguishing points of the new models are the shallower headlamps and deeper front spoiler. The new lamps are LED units, giving a ‘whiter’ light than their predecessors and offering up to 30 times the life of an incandescent bulb. The steel bumper of the harsh-duty K models precludes the fitting of these, and conventional headlamps are retained.

Various options, including cameras, detectors and lower door windows, are offered to improve road safety. An automatic parking brake is applied if the driver leaves the cab without setting the handbrake.

Enhanced aerodynamics around the front grille and wheel-arches also contribute to the claimed fuel-savings of three per cent over predecessor models.

Inside the cab, the main improvement for the driver is a new steering column, which is adjustable on three axis. Drivers also benefit from LED lamps in the doors, which improve safety when entering or leaving the cab at night. An optional night lock can be specified to improve security.

There are various new seating options and an improved ‘Serenity’ bunk with optional washable mattress topper. There is extra storage, including a two-litre fridge, stowage for a smartphone or tablet and two charging points for electronic devices, along with an A4-size document drawer. Two more charging points are situated in the bunk area. The truck’s sound system has been upgraded, and is now supplied by hi-fi manufacturer Focal.

The Optivision predictive cruise control now includes an ‘Eco’ mode as default setting, and drivers can monitor their style via a real-time display. A ‘pulse and glide’ cruise control allows speed variations of +/- 2 km/h to reduce fuel consumption. The Range T and T High long-haul on-highway trucks come equipped with tyres rated A for fuel economy as standard.

Over-the-air software updates are part of Renault Trucks’ new Excellence Predict package, which also monitors wearing components including the batteries, brakes and clutch. Renault says it covers 80 per cent of the components that could cause breakdowns. Component replacements can be grouped together to reduce workshop visits. The oil change interval on the 13-litre Euro VI E engines can be extended to up to 150,000 km or 18 months depending upon usage.

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