Wednesday 22 September 2021

Avoiding trailer loss with AS24

Fleet solutions provider AS24 offers a low-cost trailer tracking option among its portfolio of services called FindIT, which allows trailers’ positions to be closely monitored in the case of theft or abnormal use.

The connected service is said to optimise and simplify trailer fleet management, allowing managers to track all trailer units’ locations including in the event of unauthorised unhitching and theft.

“These simple-to-install (no wires) trackers allow you to maximise the use of your trailer fleet by giving you full visibility of your trailers,” said the firm.

“With FindIT, the operator can locate their trailers immediately.

“The tracker registers the position of the trailer every 30 minutes and sends data to a secure web portal provided for this purpose. Thus, the manager can know almost in real-time where their trailers are, on which road the driver is on, and whether he has followed his itinerary instructions or not.

“The tracker can also be used to check whether the trailer is at a standstill. This connected device monitors the progress of journeys and sends a warning if the trailer is inactive more than 20 minutes outside the scheduled time slot.

“In addition, the tracker informs in real-time when the trailer is detached from the tractor unit. You can set the tag to prevent unauthorised trailer-tractor uncoupling or unauthorised movements and receive an immediate alert by email.

“Therefore, the manager can follow the movements of their trailers and to access the history of their location. It can also be tracked closely in case of theft.”

The installation of the box does not require any specific qualification and can be completed in less than five minutes. It can be fitted on all types of rolling stock – trailers, semi-trailers, swap body, whatever the brand – and, to benefit from the unhitching warning, can also be fixed to the tractor.

Users then need simply declare the devices in the web portal in order to track the fleet, either in the portal or via email alerts.

Installation can be performed by operators at no cost, and users can subscribe without commitment of duration. There is no need to plug in the tracker, as its battery is designed to last around five years, thanks to the use of the Sigfox low power network.

The FindIT service incorporates much more than geo-tracking, says AS24, by allowing managers to understand the usage rate of their trailers.

“In addition, it is possible to configure the box to get alerts on the status of the trailer. The tracker sends a warning directly to the customer when the maintenance/servicing period is due.”

This solution helps avoid unpleasant surprises, says the firm, as well as the possibility of heavy fines when trailers do not meet applicable standards.

“Moreover, you can personalise the dashboard according to your priority. FindIT is the cost-saving answer to increase the efficiency of your business activities and enhance productivity.”

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