Wednesday 22 September 2021

Driver safety first with new SmartWitness camera


The new SmartWitness CP2-LTE 4G forward facing camera comes with a built-in panic alarm button for drivers in danger. The system is particularly useful for road rage incidents and alerting fleet managers to stowaways getting into trailers on cross channel ports, says SmartWitness.

In the event of the panic alarm being pressed the camera is activated, and will record all incidents from 20 seconds prior to the alarm as well as continuing to record afterwards.

The camera also has an in-built microphone so that any conversations can also be recorded for evidence.

The system also works well with the SmartWitness CP4S multi-camera recorder (up to four cameras) and CRXS (up to eight cameras), adds the firm – and when linked to the SmartWitness LCD in-cab monitor they will provide a live and clear 360° vision of any HGV so that it will prevent thieves or stowaways entering the vehicle when stationary.

The new CRXS model offers the option of adding interior trailer cameras with motion sensors which will send out alerts when stowaways have managed to get on board.

SmartWitness MD Fearghal MacGregor said: “Driver security is vitally important and many fleet managers are realising that they need to protect their staff.

“Our panic button system on the CP2-LTE camera is a very simple and effective way to instantly notify the fleet manager of a danger to their drivers, and provides court admissible evidence of any threat made to their safety and security. It’s vitally important for driver retention that they feel secure and supported.”

The company points to a marked rise in stowaways in HGVs coming back from the continent this summer, and the severity of the potential associated fines. SmartWitness systems allow fleets to be alert to the danger before vehicles’ return to the UK; and with the panic alarm the driver can alert the fleet manager to the problem so that it can be dealt with by the authorities and the driver is not put in any danger.

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